My iStick is the world’s first and only USB flash drive designed exclusively for
iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Equipped with the Apple MFI approved lightning connector,
the iStick makes connectivity easy and fast.

Forget about iTunes, forget about the cloud. With My iStick, you can transfer files between your computer and your iProduct quickly, easily and safely.

My iStick has a simple slide-switch design: one end is the Lightning interface that allows you to connect with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, the other end is a standard USB interface that connects to your PC or Mac. Now fast and simple two-way data transfers between all your devices can be easily achieved with My iStick.

Music, movies, photos, and data can be viewed straight off the iStick. Sensitive data can be backed up and stored securely.

Best of all My iStick is Apple approved, small, stylish and very, very desirable.